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Arcoma presenterar på Erik Penser Banks bolagsdag 25 november.

Arcoma presenterar på Erik Penser Banks bolagsdag 25 november.

Arcoma presenterar på Erik Penser Banks bolagsdag den 25 november 2020 då Arcomas nya VD, Sanna Rydberg berättar om bolaget samt deltar på intervju.

Presentationen livestreamas på Erik Pensers YouTubekanal, Penser Play:

Sanna Rydberg has taken over as the new CEO

Sanna Rydberg has taken over as the new CEO

In accordance with what was communicated in the Press Release from Arcoma on April 15, 2020, Sanna Rydberg has now taken the position as CEO of the company as of September 28, 2020.

Konica Minolta Europa tecknar 5-årigt leverantörsavtal med Arcoma

Konica Minolta Europa tecknar 5-årigt leverantörsavtal med Arcoma

Konica Minolta och Arcoma inledde under år 2019 ett samarbete gällande utveckling av två nya produkter. Produkterna baseras på Arcomas produktplattform och integrerar Konica Minoltas detektorer och mjukvara.

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Sanna Rydberg utses till ny VD för Arcoma AB

Sanna Rydberg utses till ny VD för Arcoma AB

Styrelsen har utsett Sanna Rydberg till ny VD för Arcoma. Sanna har lång erfarenhet från ledande positioner, senast som VD för Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Sweden AB. Hon börjar sin anställning den 28/9 2020.

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Priego AB ökar sitt ägande i Arcoma

Priego AB ökar sitt ägande i Arcoma

Styrelseordförande Lars Kvarnhem har via egna bolaget Priego AB ökat sitt ägande i Arcoma med ytterligare 150.000st aktier. Priegos antal aktier uppgår efter transaktionen till 1.299.425st vilket motsvarar 10.3% av ägande och röster. 

Uppdatering med anledning av Covid-19

Arcoma publicerar idag en video med en intervju med VD Jesper Söderqvist med anledning av den osäkerhet Covid-19-pandemin skapar i samhället och för all affärsverksamhet globalt.

I intervjun presenteras de åtgärder Arcoma vidtagit och planerar att genomföra i det fall försäljning och produktion skulle försämras väsentligt på grund av denna kris.

Videointervjun kan ses bredvid och finns även i textform.


Company presentations

  • 2020-03-12: Arcoma presenterar på Stockholm Corporate Finance (SCF) tolfte Life Science-seminarium. Videosändning

Board of directors

Lars Kvarnhem - Chairman

Lars Kvarnhem, born in 1972, has approximately 20 years of experience in global management and business development of companies and business processes within the medtech industry.

Previous operational roles have been, among others:

  • CEO and main owner of the medtech company Anmedic AB, active in anesthesia and intensive Care.
  • President and CEO for five years for Human Care (publ) in healthcare products with subsidiaries in USA, Canada, the Netherlands and Australia.
  • Operational Chairman of the Medtech division at Medcap (publ) for two years focusing on organizational development, internationalization, organic growth and acquisitions.

Today Lars works exclusively as an investor, primarily in the field of Medical Technology. Today he has several board assignments which includes chairman of the board of Arcoma AB (publ), Swevet AB and Reison Medical AB. Outside the area of ​​Medical Technology, Chairman of the Board of Ovon AB, better known as MrCap.

Previous assignments include Chairman of the Board of Abilia Sverige Holding AB, Cardiolex Medical AB, Inpac AirContainer and member of the Board of Stille AB. Education from KTH Executive School.

Year of birth 1972
Chairman since 2017
Shares 1 299 425 (1 299 425) through Priego AB
Independent in relation to major shareholders

Other assignments: Chairman of the board of Swevet AB, Reison Medical AB and Ovon AB, better known as MrCap.

Mats Thorén - Board member

Mats Thorén has extensive experience in the medical technology sector, including with Handelsbanken Capital Markets as an account executive for the health sector in Corporate Finance, as an analyst in the biotechnology and medical technology at Enskilda Securities as well as Partner at Catella Healthcare AB. Previous board appointments include inter alia C-Rad AB, Cellartis AB and MIP Technologies AB.

Year of birth 1971
Member/deputy 2012/2010
Shares 666 100 directly and through Vixco Capital AB Independent in relation to major shareholders

Other assignments Board member of: Pulsetten AB, Vixco Capital AB, Arcoma Incentive AB and board substitute for Eggelbertus Holding AB.

Anders Dahlberg - Board member

Anders Dahlberg is Head of Business Development at Aleris Group, and former CEO of Aleris Omsorg. He has over 15 years experience as a Partner and management consultant in several industries. Anders is M.Sc. in Industrial Economics at Chalmers University of Technology.

Year of birth 1976
Member since 2018
Shares none
Independent in relation to major shareholders

Other assignments Head of business development, Aleris Group. Board member of: Human Care HC AB and Abilia AB.

Jesper Söderqvist - Board member

Jesper Söderqvist has more than 14 years of experience from Life Science, radiology and radiation therapy, including as Vice President Portfolio Management at Elekta and CEO of Sectra AB’s subsidiary Sectra Mamea AB. Jesper holds a Master of Science in engineering physics and a PhD in particle physics both from Royal Institute of Technology.

Year of birth 1966
Member since 2020
Shares None
Other assignments Board member for Biovica International AB and Dekatria AB.

Management team

Mattias Rundgren - Business Controller

Mattias Rundgren holds an M.Sc. in Business and Economics from Linneaus University. Mattias’ background includes several years as head of finance in manufacturing companies. Prior to joining Arcoma, Mattias held a position as CFO at Scandinavian Design Online.

Year of birth 1978
Employed since 2019
Other assignments None
Own and related party shares 0
Employee stock option 0
Contact info

Johan Henningsson - R&D Manager

Johan Henningsson has a bachelor in mechanical engineering at Linné University. Johan has a background as a mechanical engineer at Arcoma.

Year of birth 1971
Employed since 1994, in current position since 2014.
Other assignments None
Own and related party shares 1020
Employee stock option 21 382
Contact info

Katja Kristensson - Q&A Manager

Katja Kristensson holds a Master of Science in Pharmacy from Uppsala University and has previously worked as a consultant within Regulatory Affairs within mainly the pharmaceutical and food industry, as well as at pharmacies with, among other things, quality work and skills development.

Year of birth: 1983
Employed since: 2018
Other assignments: None
Own and related party shares: None

Linda Ungsten - Product Manager

Linda holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Linköping University of Technology and experience as product manager at Bombardier Transportation and from employment within Radiological Physics at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Year of birth 1974
Employed since 2008, in her current position since 2011
Other assignments None
Own and related party shares None
Contact info

Nicklas Johansson - Operations Manager

Nicklas Johansson has background as manufacturing manager, and workshop manager at Fläkt Woods and production planner at Arcoma AB.

Year of birth 1967
Employed since 2003, in current position since 2016
Other assignments None
Own and related party shares None
Employee stock option 21 382
Contact info

Frida Robbe - Marketing Manager

Frida Robbe is educated in marketing, web development, graphic design and copywriting and has experience from marketing of medical and healthcare products.

Year of birth 1985
Employed since 2019
Other assignments None
Own and related party shares None
Employee stock option None
Contact info

Share information

According to Articles of Association of Arcoma AB:

  • The share capital shall not be less than 12 000 000 Kronor and no more then 48 000 000 Kronor.
  • The number of shares shall not be less than 6 000 000 shares and no more then 24 000 000 shares.
  • Registered share capital is 25 289 146 kronor.
  • The shares is issued under the Companies Act and is denominated in Swedish kronor.
  • There is only one type of share. All shares carry equal rights to the Company’s assets and results, and are entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting. One share equals one vote.
  • Company’s share register is kept by Euroclear Sweden AB (former VPC AB), Box 7822, 103 97 Stockholm. Shareholders of the Company will receive no physical share. All transactions with the Company’s shares are done electronically through authorized banks and broker- dealers. Newly issued shares will be registered in person in electronic format.
  • Issuer and the account operator is Erik Penser Bank, Apelbergsgatan 27, Box 7405, 103 91 Stockholm
  • The shares ISIN-Code is SE0006219176
  • The LEI code is 549300C0DH9EESDQUA52


Register Date: 2019-03-31

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Number of

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issued shares

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Sunstone Life Science Ventures Fund II K/S



Priego AB



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Mats Thorén (incl. controlled Company)



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