Whether you are a generalist, a specialist, newly-graduated or highly experienced, you will find exciting opportunities within Arcoma. Arcoma is an innovative growth company in medical technology. Together we create solutions that save lives. We are always looking for employees with knowledge or experience from medical technology or X-rays, or who want to join us on our exciting journey.

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Thesis projects

Do you want to write your Master thesis at Arcoma? We welcome students every year to our thesis projects. Thesis work at Arcoma can give you new perspectives and contribute to your personal growth while translating your theoretical knowledge into real work. These projects are important to us too, as they contribute to our business while we get to know dedicated, talented students that may become future co-workers.

Examples of thesis topics:

  • Logistics and production processes
  • Lean manufacturing
  • IT and software engineering
  • Product management

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Why Arcoma

Our business concept is based on innovation, technology leadership and close, long-term customer relationships. To build an engaged workforce and provide a positive employee experience we recognize it is more important than ever to understand and act upon employee ideas, needs and concerns.

Code of Conduct

Our code of Conduct confirms our strong commitment to ethical and responsible business practices and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. It describes the principles of behavior that we should all aspire to and provides us with practical guidance in our actions and everyday business decisions.

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We develop, produce and provide complete radiology solutions worldwide with the mission to improve care for the patient and work environment for the user.