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X-ray systems with excellent diagnostic results

Arcoma produces, develops and provides complete radiology x-ray solutions worldwide. Our x-ray systems and digital radiography equipment improves the quality of care for the patient, and ensures an ergonomic and adaptable work environment for the user.

Our x-ray systems ensures a superior workflow

We offer products solutions for x ray systems, covering key clinical applications in the radiology area;  General clinic, Eneral clinic, Muscle/sceleton clinic, Thoratic clinic, Pediatric clinic, Trauma/resus clinic.

Arcoma Precision i5

A premium digital x-ray system for advanced applications areas. Helps you maximize patient throughput.

Suitable for:

  • Hospitals with high patient through-put
  • Modular system solutions
  • Advanced application areas

Arcoma Intuition i3

A versatile digital radiography system. The modular concept makes the x-ray system very adaptable and ideal for small rooms.

Suitable for:

  • Hospitals/clinics with mid- to high patient through-put
  • Rooms with week ceiling construction
  • Small rooms

Arcoma X-ray Cube

A quick installation of an x-ray system in for example a temporary hospital.

Suitable for:

  • Temporary hospitals
  • Rooms with week ceiling construction
  • Temporary solutions


Arcoma X-ray systems are powered by Canon’s next generation wireless detectors and imaging software.


Wide range of accessories for the Arcoma X-ray systems.