Arcoma Precision i5 is a premium digital x-ray system that provides high image quality, clinical flexibility and superior workflow for a wide range of radiographic applications.

Its ergonomic design and sophisticated auto positioning technology help you maximize patient throughput.

Superior workflow

Safe investment

Arcoma Precision i5 is designed for the productivity and versatility needs high-volume hospital imaging departments.

Its robust construction and high quality in every detail helps ensuring reliable operation, long life time and minimal service which leads to low life-time cost.

Low dose

Arcoma Precision i5 provides high quality imaging with low dose for maximum patient safety. Software simulated grid is available as an option and can be used for all anatomies and can reduce dose with up to 60%.

Arcoma continuously works to create a lower radiation dose in our solutions. Examples of components in the  system that contributes to dose reduction:




* Scatter correction software (option)

Excellent imaging result

Arcoma Precision i5 is powered by Canon’s next generation wireless CXDI detectors and imaging software.

Canon´s CXDI-NE software ensure a GUI* that is always right for you. Comprehensive image processing including Software simulated grid guarantee optimized image quality with the lowest dose possible.

* GUI = graphical user interface

Flexible detector configurations

The ultra-lightweight, waterproof detectors (IP 57) with integrated battery and image storage can be used on board or stand-alone as needed.

Up to 4 detectors can be used with Precision to provide optimal positioning and imaging flexibility. The detectors can for example:

  • Be shared between X-ray rooms.

  • Be used for mobile X-ray solutions

  • Be used in the holder or wireless

Superior ergonomics

Patient centric care is Arcomas approach to everything we design. Our focus is to provide an environment that minimizes stress on staff and maximize comfort for the patient.

Arcoma Precision i5 with its with smooth floating table top, good and flexible working height together with a lightweight OTC with easy fine tuning is an ideal ergonomic solution for both patient and operator.

  • Motorized movements, smooth and silent

  • Lightweight OTC, easy fine tuning

  • Motorized table, ergonomic working height

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