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World Class Digital
X-ray Systems

Arcoma develops, produces and provides complete digital radiography and radiology solutions worldwide. We consider our mission is to improve and ensure both care for the patient, as well as working conditions for the user.

We offer product solutions and digital x-ray systems and equipment, covering key clinical applications in the radiology area.





MDR & ISO 13485

At Arcoma, quality is essential to our customers, our shareholders, our company, and our future. Quality is our top priority and an integral part of everything we do.

Arcoma management system is certified according to ISO 13485 and FDA (QSR Part 820). Arcoma products are CE marked according MDR.

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Strong global network and close collaboration with leading X-ray technology providers

Arcoma operates through distributors and major OEM partners worldwide. For more than 20 years Arcoma has partnered with global leaders within the radiography market, to integrate detectors and imaging software and to provide high-end radiology solutions. Our extensive network of x-ray technology providers and suppliers for both development and production, ensures that Arcoma x-ray systems and products continue to be cutting-edge and continuously enhanced.

Swedish Manufacturing and Development of X-ray systems

By developing and manufacturing x-ray systems locally in Sweden, we have total control over the entire production process: from idea to final product. We can ensure delivery reliability and top quality in all processes concerning DR-systems and digital X-ray technology. Our close collaboration between product developers, technicians, and X-ray product managers, ensures high service and flexibility in our production.

History of Arcomas X-ray solutions

Arcoma has manufactured X-ray systems and designed world-class digital systems since 1990, and has more than 30 years of experience in the radiology market. We are pioneers of ergonomics & auto-positioning and we understand the demands of the radiology and the digital radiology market.

Throughout our history we have proved ourselves to stand out within both quality design and X-ray system manufacturing. This combined with our experience in clinical applications have made us a valued partner.

Arcoma Short facts


Years of Experience within the radiology market

Arcoma has designed and manufactured world class digital X-ray systems since 1990.


Development and Manufacturing

Arcoma develops and manufacture its products in Växjö, Sweden. This ensures full control over the entire process from idea to final product.  

MDR & ISO 13485

Arcoma management system is certified according to ISO 13485 and FDA (QSR Part 820). Arcoma products are CE marked according MDR.


Sales Channels

The x-ray systems and accessories are sold through OEM partners such as Canon and Konica Minolta, as well as local distributors worldwide.


DR systems Installed Globally

Arcoma has more than 3500 DR systems installed worldwide at leading hospitals.

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