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Uppdatering med anledning av Covid-19

Arcoma publicerar idag en video med en intervju med VD Jesper Söderqvist med anledning av den osäkerhet Covid-19-pandemin skapar i samhället och för all affärsverksamhet globalt. I intervjun presenteras de åtgärder Arcoma vidtagit och planerar att genomföra i det fall försäljning och produktion skulle försämras väsentligt på grund av denna kris.



Covid-19 update

During these exceptional times protecting the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is our top priority which means adjusting the way of working in some areas. The Corona virus outbreak is currently affecting our society in many ways and Arcoma is following the situation closely and taking pro-active actions to secure deliveries and businesses. Thanks in advance for your understanding and support.

Arcoma receives first order for the new product, Arcoma Precision i5

Arcoma AB has received the first order for the new product Arcoma Precision i5, which was launched on March 12, 2020. The Arcoma Precision i5 is a new X-ray system developed with focus on efficient workflow, safety and ease of use. The ergonomic design simplifies and optimizes positioning and has been carefully designed to facilitate disinfection. Arcoma Precision i5 is equipped with the latest touch screen technology and a new user interface which creates simplicity and efficiency for the user. A new wall stand with motorized tilt simplifies positioning and an updated X-ray table improves patient and user experience. The order was placed by Mediel AB, Arcoma's distributor in Sweden and the X-ray system will be delivered to Helsingborg hospital during the third quarter of 2020.

Arcoma launches new product: Arcoma Precision i5

We are happy to launch the new product Arcoma Precision i5! The product includes a brand new wall stand with motorized tilt for better ergonomics and optimal workflow together with a new OTC with brand new modern design and smart features for easy and quick use. The Arcoma Precision i5 also includes a new table with a silent concept for optimal patient experience and work environment.  

Priego AB ökar sitt ägande i Arcoma

Styrelseordförande Lars Kvarnhem har via egna bolaget Priego AB ökat sitt ägande i Arcoma med ytterligare 150.000st aktier. Priegos antal aktier uppgår efter transaktionen till 1.299.425st vilket motsvarar 10.3% av ägande och röster.

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