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Arcoma Intuition i3 is a versatile digital radiography system that combines outstanding image quality with clinical flexibility and high productivity for a wide range of digital radiography applications.

The cost-effective and modular concept of this digital X-ray system, allows you to configure the system to precisely fit your room and your clinical requirements.

Digital radiography system for easy workflow

Smart investment

The x-ray system, Arcoma Intuition i3 provides a cost-effective digital radiography system to a wide variety of clinical needs.

Its robust construction and high quality helps ensuring reliable operation, long life time and minimal service which leads to low life-time cost.

Digital radiography with low dose

Arcoma Intuition i3 provides high quality imaging with a low X-ray-dose for maximum patient safety. The x-ray system can be used for all anatomies, a software simulated grid is available as an option, which can reduce the dose with up to 60%.

Arcoma continuously works to create a lower x-ray radiation dose in our solutions. 

Examples of components in the Arcoma Intuition digital radiography system that contributes to dose reduction:




Arcoma Intuition i3 provides excellent imaging result

X-ray system Arcoma Intuition i3 is powered by Canon’s next generation imaging software and wireless CXDI detectors.

Canon´s CXDI-NE software configuration options ensures a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Comprehensive image processing including “scatter correction” and “single shot”, long length imaging options guarantee optimized image quality with the lowest x-ray dose possible.

Flexible detector configurations

The Arcoma Intuition i3´s ultra-lightweight, waterproof detectors (IP 57)with integrated battery and image storage can be used on board or stand-alone as needed.

Up to 4 detectors can be used with the x-ray system to provide imaging flexibility and optimal positioning. The detectors can for example:

  • Be shared between x-ray rooms

  • Be used for mobile X-ray solutions

  • Be used in the holder or wireless

Digital x-ray system with ergonomic design

At Arcoma we have a constant focus to provide an environment that maximizes comfort for the patient, as well as minimizes stress on the staff. Patient centric care is always our main focus – in everything we design. 

Arcoma Intuitions i3´s motorized and automatic movements together with the lightweight OTC and flexible table design, makes it an ideal ergonomic solution for both operator and patient.

  • Motorized movements, smooth and silent

  • Lightweight OTC, easy fine tuning

  • Motorized table, ergonomic working height

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