Arcoma X-ray systems are powered by Canon’s next generation wireless detectors and imaging software. The ultra-lightweight, waterproof detectors with image storage that can be used on board or stand-alone as needed.

The new generation wireless detectors from Canon

Canon’s new mid-range generation wireless systems bring you a new range of possibilities in digital radiography.

The new  line of detectors (CXDI-702C Wireless and CXDI-402C Wireless) is IP55 dust- and waterproof and offers a clean and easy to use detector design. These are just a few of the new features that are clinically beneficial.

Optimized image quality with the lowest possible dose

The Arcoma X-ray systems with an optimized beam geometry together with Canon flatpanel detectors and image reconstruction software guarantee best possible image quality at lowest possible dose.

The Canon CXDI-NE software configuration options ensure a GUI that is always right for you. Comprehensive image processing including ‘Scatter Correction’ and ‘Advanced Edge Enhancement’ imaging options optimize image quality with low dose.


Light and wireless

The Canon detectors are carefully designed to achieve the lightest possible weight for the best ergonomics and workflow for the user. The detectors are portable and wireless, which together with Arcoma's X-ray system enables the highest possible patient throughput.

Despite their featherlight characteristics, the carbon fibre chassis and frame ensure high performance and high durability, tested for the demanding daily use.


Strong and durable

Although the chassis and frame are lean, high performance and durability are ensured. The use of light weight materials improves the weight of the detectors as well as the strength and durability.

The detectors can withstand a load of 310kg, which allows direct weight-bearing imaging with obese patients.




Dust and waterproof

Contact with fluids and dust is inevitable, particularly in emergency- and high-dependency care. Our IP protection against dust and liquid entering the FPD provides you with extra assurance in the product, while it is in use under challenging conditions, or when cleaning the product for safety.

The new CXDI-702C Wireless and CXDI-402C Wireless are both IP55 dust and waterproof.

The CXDI-401C Compact, CXDI-810C, CXDI-710C, CXDI-810C and CXDI-410C are all IP57 dust and waterproof.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomically sculpted detectors includes many features that enhances the user and patient experience. A comfortable hand grip enables efficient and easy transfer of the detectors.

The detectors are also easy and pleasant to handle due to the selection of high quality materials and easy to position and more comfortable for patients and operator due to the ergonomically
shaped cover.




Multi-function storage

The multi-function docking station combines the following capabilities in one compact desktop unit to help make your work and workflow even more convenient.

  • Detector check in

  • Detector battery charging

  • Image transfer

  • Safe detector storage

Detectors applicable with Aroma X-ray systems

CXDI-401C Compact

Dimensions: 46 x 49 x 1,5 cm
Weight: 7 kg (including cable)

CXDI-410C Wireless

Dimensions: 42.6 x 41.5 cm
Weight: 2.8 kg

CXDI-710C Wireless

Dimensions: 35.0 x 42.6 cm
Weight: 2,3 kg

CXDI-810C Wireless

Dimensions: 35.0 x 27.4 cm
Weight: 1,8 kg

CXDI-402C Wireless

Dimensions: 35.0 x 42.6 cm
Weight: 3,1 kg

CXDI-702C Wireless

Dimensions: 41.5 x 42.6 cm
Weight: 3,7 kg

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