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Change Order

Change order (ÄBO)

Anyone in the company can send in a change order/ÄBO. They will all be view and prioritized. Please fill in the form to send your request.

    Select type of change:

    UrgentNot urgent

    Risk Class:
    Class 1 (Errors where there is no risk of personal injury or errors that are judged to result from normal wear and tear or age)Class 2 (Errors where there may be a risk of personal injury or judged to be a high risk financially/business. Errors that are abnormal wear and tear)Class 3 (Incident has occurred. Will or has been reported to the authority)

    Select reason for change:
    New functionImproved functionQuality improvementCost reductionImprovement in productionChange in manual/ documentationProduct defectDemand from customerChange of packagingRegulations or rulesOther

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