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White paper: Enhancing Image Quality with Reduced Radiation Dose in Pediatric Patients.

A clinical investigation was conducted at Dayton Children’s Hospital in Ohio, USA, to explore the application of Canon’s AI-Driven deep learning neural network, Intelligent Noise Reduction (iNR), for improving image quality while minimizing radiation exposure in pediatric patients. Radiologists compared clinical images with and without the iNR software. Initially, standard radiation doses were utilized. Positive outcomes in the initial studies led to a 20-25% reduction in radiation dose for iNR images after six weeks, and after an additional four weeks, the dose was further reduced to 50%. All images with iNR application provided sufficient diagnostic information.

Dr. Elizabeth Ey, Chief Radiologist and Radiation Safety Officer at Dayton Children’s Hospital, stated, “The Canon DR system with the Intelligent Noise Reduction has produced images with lower noise content at a lower dose with no visible loss in image quality. This has allowed us to use doses that are 50% less than what we had been using in that room.” [Imaging Technology News, November 22, 2023]

Canon iNR is now available as an option for all new Arcoma Precision i5 and Arcoma Intuition deliveries. Additionally, systems equipped with Canon NE 3.10 can be upgraded to include iNR functionality.