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New pediatric supporting features

Radiological imaging of children comes with special challenges. To support the user and make examinations smoother, we are happy to present two new options. They can of course be used in other contexts as well, but have a great benefit when it comes to pediatric care.

Exposure handle at the table

The exposure handle at the Table will allow the user to remain in the examination room close to the patient also during the exposure. This will make the patient feel safer and more comfortable but also secure that the correct images can be captured. The exposure sequence is indicated to the user by the ambient light of the tube display.

Pediatric doses

Pediatric patients are more radiosensitive than adults and to keep dose levels as low as possible (ALARA principle) is particularly important.

Low doses used for pediatric patients puts special requirement when monitoring the dose. We are now offering a high sensitivity DAP-meeter as an option for registration of low pediatric doses.